Selling to HomeOfferTeam comes with the promise of a better experience

We give you the freedom to move on
the moment you're ready


HomeOfferTeam is a Direct Home Buyer

Take the guess work out of selling your home. See why so many are selling to HomeOfferTeam!

House Flippers

  • Typically a lowball offer
  • Can be a lengthy close
  • Uncertain buyer performance
  • Rushed experience
  • No flexibility on move date

  • Free offer in a few clicks
  • No showings
  • No double mortgage payments
  • Flexible close date
  • Flexibility on the move date


Traditional Home Sale

  • Uncertain closing with no guarantee
  • Inconvenient showings and staging
  • Pay rent or mortgage on two properties
  • Unpredictable close date
  • No flexibility on move date


Your Time and Convenience has Value

We believe your time is just as important as the value of your home. That's why
we've reinvented the entire selling process to ensure we provide our best service
and pricing.

With HomeOfferTeam, You Avoid:

  • An average of 120 days³ to sell your house
  • Keeping your home show-ready
  • Inconvenient last-minute showings
  • Strangers walking through your home
  • Risk of the deal falling through
Your time is important icon

Is Finding Success

"Choose A Closing Date"

"When you sell on the open market, your closing date is at the mercy of your buyer. Your agenda is not theirs, and you have very little control over when that closing will take place. The same is true of selling to traditional home flippers. However, HomeOfferTeam allows a great amount of flexibility on your close date, whether that is a fast close or delayed close"

"Great Customer Service"

"At HomeOfferTeam, our staff is seasoned and well trained. For every step of the process, we are here for you in every way. This is not like a traditional sale where many aspects of the closing are on your shoulders or will catch you off gaurd. We genuinly make it easy to sell your home."

"Sell As-Is"

"Does your home need repairs or updates? No problem! At HomeOfferTeam, we buy your house totally as-is. That means there are absolutely no repairs or updates for you to do, unlike a traditional sale that requires a significant amount of prep work and cleaning time. We keep the transaction very simple and highly effective."

"Help With Your Relocation"

"With most buyers, your move is up to you. Not with HomeOfferTeam. We can offer assistance with your local move and, in most cases, offer it at no charge to you. Simply put, there is no reason to sell your house to anybody else. From A to Z, we cover the whole process for you."

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.


We help from the moment you accept.


You pick the day you want to close and move, anytime within 5-90 days.

 Don't move twice! Move up to 3 days after you close.