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What is OfferTeam?

HomeOfferTeam is a locally owned, direct home buyer. We purchase houses direct from the owners, which allows for the customization of a truly custom tailored. Not all sellers are created the same or have the same needs, so working direct with you allows HomeOfferTeam to create a plan unique to you!

Why was OfferTeam created?

HomeOfferTeam was created to allow homeowners to sell their houses on their terms. For many people, listing a home on the MLS is not their best option. That only left one other choice; try to sell to a traditional low-ball home flipper. HomeOfferTeam was created to create the best of all worlds where you can sell quickly at a fair price while selling as is and not dealing with the traditional selling process. 

Where is OfferTeam currently buying homes?

We are actively purchasing homes and land in the Raleigh-Durham market and in the Charlotte market. 

What types of homes does OfferTeam buy?

Today we're purchasing homes that fit a significant criteria. One of the unique things about HomeOfferTeam is that, due to a vast array of team experience, meet almost any criteria. From new homes to homes in need of heavy repair to vacant land, HomeOfferTeam can cover it all. Regardless of your property location or condition, we want to make you an offer!

How quickly can we close and move?

We can close on your timeline. That may mean a matter of days or a delayed closing to meet your needs. Most homeowners need around 30 days to complete the transaction.

What if I have a listing agent?

We are always happy to work with any agent that may have your home listed. We will need to be provided their contact information and are happy to make our offer through them. 

What do you do with my house after I move?

After we purchase your home, we handle the repairs, and maintenance. We often make additional investments such as landscaping, painting, replacing countertops and floors. Once the house is ready, we put it on the market so that buyers can tour it and make offers accordingly.

How do you keep my information secure?

Any and all information about you, your home or details surrounding your payoff are strictly kept in house. No information is ever shared outside of our company officials. 

Have more questions?

Our customer support is here to assist you. Contact our support
team via email or phone: 855-5-GO-TEAM.